Session Types

Here’s the sessions, toolkits and resources that Switched On currently provides:

Primary Schools PSE Options Matrix

Please note:

Each session allows a maximum capacity of 30 pupils and timings vary between year groups (can be adapted to fit school timings):

Year 2: Story Time: Ellie’s Medicine (20 minutes)
Year 3: Hazardous and Harmful Substances (40 minutes)
Year 4: Up In Smoke (40 minutes

Year 5: Alcohol and Safety (40 minutes)
Year 6: Substances and Safety (40 minutes)

Secondary Schools PSE Options Matrix

* Sessions contains links with Substance Awareness and Sex and Relationships Education

Please note:

Each session has a maximum capacity of 30 pupils and lasts between 40-50 minutes:

Year 7: Unknown Addictions
Year 8: A Night Out (this session contains links to SRE)
Year 9: Fake Energy
Year 10: Cannabis Awareness

Year 11: Influence and Consent (this session contains links toSRE)
Year 12: Under the Influence: Are You Safe?
Year 13: Ready for Responsibility: Are You Really?

With sixth form sessions we offer: a 20-30 minute hall assembly with the whole year group (Yr12 & Yr13 separately )

Before booking us, please note:

  • There must be at least one member of staff in attendance throughout the duration of each session.
  • We require a computer linked to a projector or smart board so we can slot in our memory stick on arrival.


  • We are not responsible for the behaviour or discipline of pupils.
  • Our role is to provide factual and accurate information around substances and their use in an interactive format.
  • We take all feedback on board in order to continually improve and keep session content relevant for the audiences involved.
  • Our team will be available to answer any sensitive questions or deal with relevant queries after the session or at an arranged later date.
  • We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to working with your pupils.