Alerts issued over ‘Donkey Kong’ MDMA

WEDINOS and the Public Health Wales Substance Misuse Programme have issued information on a new MDMA tablet, know as ‘Donkey Kong’, that has reportedly led to three hospitalisations and one fatality.

MDMA is commonly sold as ‘Ecstasy’, in a variety of colours, shapes and branding. Ecstasy can vary significantly in strength and composition, even in identical tablets.

The information issued advises that, given the reported incidents, MDMA tablets carrying the ‘Donkey Kong’ image should be avoided. MDMA tablets in general should not be considered safe, owing to the uncertainty of their contents and possible adverse effecs.

For those that do take MDMA, the following guidance has been givevn:

Doses over 120mg MDMA should be considered as high and users should be aware that they are at increased risk of adverse effects.

Adverse effects of MDMA use can include: visual hallucinations, confusion, agitation, hypertension, seizures and coma. Fatalities have been described in individuals who have consumed 150mg MDMA.  Effects occur within 1 hour and last 4-6 hours after 75-150 mg, and up to 48 hours after 100-300 mg. Health professionals: please refer to TOXBASE for current management advice.

Individuals who are determined to use should not be apathetic in their approach

Harm Reduction advice:

If you are going to take ecstasy avoid taking a whole pill, and absolutely do not double drop.

  • Start with half a pill or even quarter of a pill and wait at least 2 hours before re-dosing.
  • Be aware that pills being sold as ecstasy may contain other drugs such as PMA which can be stronger, longer lasting and more dangerous. PMA can also take longer to have an effect. Unless it is tested you cannot be sure what you are taking.
  • Take time to relax regularly and cool down to avoid overheating
  • Effects can be more intense if snorting so start with a small amount to see how it affects you
  • Avoid mixing with depressant drugs, especially alcohol which can dull the effects of ecstasy and increases your chance of dehydration
  • If it feels different from what you are expecting, or if you feel nothing after a long wait (which you should not from a MDMA pill), do not take any more in the hope that increasing the dose will increase the positive psychoactive effects. Do not take any more MDMA-related products either.
  • When taking Ecstasy / MDMA don’t drink too much water. Sip a pint of water per hour max.
  • Use in a safe environment with trusted company
  • Tell someone you are with what you are taking

Source: WEDINOS, Public Health Wales Substance Misuse Programme

The full information provided, including additional information on MDMA and Ecstasy, can be downloaded here: Click to download.

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