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What we do

There’s no cast-iron way to prevent all young people from ever encountering the dangers of substance misuse, but by arming them with the facts – and making sure those facts are from a reliable source – we can make sure they understand what’s out there, what they’re likely to be faced with, and how they can stand the best possible chance of preventing themselves and others from coming to harm.

Switched On is an information, education and advice service for anyone under the age of 25. Whether they’re worried about their own experiences with substance misuse, concerned about a friend or relative, or just simply want to get their facts straight, Switched On can help young people stay informed.

The Switched On team also work extensively with those who educate young people, such as teachers, parents and carers, to help prevent young people from developing problematic substance or alcohol usage. Their work is backed up by an innovative new Peer Education programme that sees young people learning from each other, too.

A service comissioned by the Cardiff and Vale APB, Switched On is based at Woodlands House.

Meet the Switched On Team

Lisa – Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (Child Health) and Switched On Team Leader  – (Cardiff and Vale University Health Board)

I am a Nurse and I am employed by Cardiff and Vale Health Board. I am proud to be the Team Leader for Switched On.

Sadie – Health Promotion Practitioner – (Public Health Wales)

I’m the Youth & Community Lead for Switched On, providing Substance Awareness workshops, training and accreditations to groups of young people in college, training, alternative education, residential and community settings throughout Cardiff and the Vale.

Bethan – Health Promotion Practitioner – (Public Health Wales)

I’m a Health Promotion Practitioner and have recently joined the Switched On Team as the Schools Lead. So far, I’m really enjoying both teaching and learning from all the young people we work with. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out what we can offer in your school.

Kate – Young Persons Worker – (NewLink Wales)

I’m a Young Persons Educator for the Switched On team. My favourite part of my role is meeting new young people and the fun, interactive nature of our sessions.

Ian – Young Persons Worker – (NewLink Wales)

Laurence – Communications Officer – (NewLink Wales)

I assist the Switched On team with the collection, collation and reporting of attendance and feedback data from across their school sessions and practitioner training. I also work on the creation of graphics, web and print media and other branding-related items for the team

Working alongside other organisations

NewLink Wales

NewLink Wales is a South Wales-based wellbeing charity that helps people get their lives back on track following recovery from substance misuse or other issues that have affected their long-term wellbeing.

Switched On is based in Meridian Court, NewLink Wales’ Cardiff office. We work closely with them to develop and deliver training on a wide range of topics relating to substance misuse, and two of our team members are NewLink Wales staff.

The Jacob Abraham Foundation

The Jacob Abraham Foundation aims to help prevent suicide through direct intervention with vulnerable people, raise awareness on mental health/suicide issues, promote positive mental health and support people bereaved through suicide in South Wales.

The Jacob Abraham Foundation is also based in Meridian Court. As part of the Suicide Stings project, we work with the Foundation on the development and delivery of Suicide Brief Intervention sessions for individuals and practitioners, and on delivering education sessions around suicide prevention to young people.

YMCA Sexual Health Outreach Team (SHOT)


SHOT is a tailored, specialist and confidential Sexual Health and Relationship Service for young people aged 11-25 in Cardiff.

We work alongside the SHOT team to deliver sessions focussed on sexual health, relationship and wellbeing to young people across Cardiff and the Valeof Glamorgan.