Switched On is an information, education and advice service for anyone under the age of 25. Whether they’re worried about their own experiences with substance misuse, concerned about a friend or relative, or just simply want to get their facts straight, Switched On can help young people stay informed.

The Switched On team also work extensively with those who educate young people, such as teachers, parents and carers, to help prevent young people from developing problematic substance or alcohol usage. Their work is backed up by an innovative new Peer Education programme that sees young people learning from each other, too.

Why should we be teaching young people about substance misuse?

To put it simply – because the more they know, the more able they are to make informed choices.

There’s no cast-iron way to prevent all young people from ever encountering the dangers of substance misuse, but by arming them with the facts – and making sure those facts are from a reliable source – we can make sure they understand what’s out there, what they’re likely to be faced with, and how they can stand the best possible chance of preventing themselves and others from coming to harm

How can I arrange a session?

Just get in touch with us using the details on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

We can deliver sessions for children and young people up to 25 years of age.

The Switched On team is made up of qualified practitioners from across Public Health Wales, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, and NewLink Wales. The team is commisioned by the Cardiff and Vale Area Planning Board.